The most trusted name in evolution
Booty warrior. Graceful butterfly. Possible schizophrenic. Socially unacceptable. Antichrist.

20 years old, located somewhere in New Jersey, raised on the road. New time rat mommy. Majoring in a major waste of time.

I like everything you don't.

Here there be monsters, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Bioshock everything, Attack on Titan, Marina and the Diamonds, Wonderland, slight gore every now and again, American McGee, Greedling feels, scary things, paranormal things, cute things, Didney Worl, animal rights, human rights, feels, booty, and many whelps.

Please leave your Bronies, John Green fanatics, obsessive Whovians, Pewdiepie losers, religious folk, white power, and pro-life folk at the door before you come in, the dog dislikes.

Please don't feed the troll.


Congrats to Emily West on making it through!

Whenever reading a comic, do you ever take the time to just stare at their genitals?

Because holy shit, they put a lot of hard detail up in there, like god bless.


Guardians of the galaxy, 50’s style 

Track: Teen Idle
Artist: Marina and The Diamonds
Album: Electra Heart
Plays: 1090


The pretty lies, the ugly truth

I forgot to mention that I heard an Arctic Monkeys song for the first time ever the other night and I felt 100% cooler than before.

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